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Axial Senior Management Team

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Jane has worked in multiple roles in Asian financial services over 26 years, including HSBC, CLSA, Franklin Templeton, Citigroup and ING. Most recently she was Head of Strategy & Corporate Development at BNY Mellon Investment Management (APAC).


Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Guy is the former Head of Investments of BNY Mellon Investment Management in Hong Kong. Earlier, he served in senior investment roles at ING Investment Management in Europe and Asia, directing portfolio management and trading teams in Asian and EM Equities.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chris is the former COO / Operations Head of several hedge fund managers in APAC, including Lakeville Capital, Segantii Capital Management and PMA Investment Advisors. He also acted as Operations Director for The Creations Group, a Hong Kong-based Family Office


Independent Consultant

Paul is the former Head of Business Solutions at BNY Mellon Managed Investments and led the implementation of its SMA service. Earlier, he served in senior roles at Barclays, including UK COO for the Wealth and Product Division and Head of Funds and Advisory (Singapore).